Continental Supplies Two New Automatic Shrink Wrappers to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Continental recently installed two Arpac model 108-44 shrink wrappers to automatically package unsupported empty pharmaceutical bottles at speeds up to 140 bottles per minute. Bottle sizes range from 1 oz. to 16 oz. and are presented to our wrapper single file. We then collate the bottles into multiple nested rows that form any size modules that are required. Modules range from 56 to 256 bottles per package based on the size of the bottles.

The completely unsupported module is then pushed through the web of film with the help of multiple servo drives. This process allows the extremely unstable bottles to hold their orientation without shifting as they travel through the wrapper. The seals are then made to create a fully enclosed shrink film package designed to handle gamma sterilization. These modules can then be carton packed or bulk packed on a pallet (for corrugated free shipping).

To view this industry proven system:

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